Preamp for Watt & Puppy 5.1

I just got a pair of Watt & Puppy 5.1 for HT, use them as front speakers. The pre/pro is Anthem AVM-30, side and rear speakers are Citation 7.1s with two Citation 7.1 amps. I am using the JRDG Model 5 blanced for the Watt & Puppy. I am planing to have a preamp to us with the Watt & puppy 5.1. It should be balanced with remote, with HT bypass would be better. I do have other power amps can be match with them.(Sonic Frontier Power 3 monos, Cary V12i)
I have just sold the Sonic Frontier Line3se and the JRDG Synergy IIi. Not that I don't like them. Also, I have try the Herron VSTP-1/166 and the Cat SL-1 with the Watt & Puppy and found there is some noise from the tweeter but with the pre/pro runing balanced and they are quiet.
Any thoughts? thanks
I run Wilson Duettes and have also run the Watt 3s and I like a tubed amp with these speakers personally. My experience was that a tubed amp is not as important with the Duettes, as they produce a terrific response and are less prone to glare or brightness in the upper frequencies.

I have tried a couple of tubed pre's and found the BAT's best for me. This may be partially true based on the fact that I run BAT amps during the winter months. But as a reference, the amp also did very well with my ML 331.5 that I use during the summer months.

I also bought and tried a cary SLP pre, but ended up selling that as I liked the BAT better with my BAT amps. Though the sound between the BAT and the CARY was very close with the Levinson amp. Oh, it is the BAT VK51 (I think I would stay away from the 3 as I undertand there is a pretty significant jump from the 3 to the 5 from what I have read - but I myself have not listened to the VK3 preamps).