Preamp for VPI Prime 21 turntable $300-800

Could someone recommend a phono which can match VPI turntable very well? Thank you guys!


Not sure why you’d sink 7k+ in a turntable only to cheap out on the phono stage. It’s at least as important as everything else.

A $5500 TT w/a 2K cart. what phono are you currently using?? I agree w/ozzy62 you need something in a higher price range or maybe look at some used phonos where you can get a good deal. 

A moving coil preamp is asked to greatly and faithfully amplify with little noise. This not only requires a quality set of well designed internal components, but it must also have clean power. A good power cable can be found in your suggested price range, but I can’t imagine that a good used phono stage that will do your cartridge/table justice can be found.

What is the reasonable price range for the phono? I spent 5.5k for TT and cartridge. I need a good power cable for the phono or the amplifier?