Preamp for Vac phi 200

Hello to the board,

Currently own  Ayon S3 powering my VAC 200 and Parsifal Ovations.  Would like To upgrade  my preamp and maybe get a little warmer sound. I have considered a CJ  et5 and a Cary slp 05.

would really appreciate some input on my choices, as well as some other possible upgrades?

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I had ET5 i would certainly get a VAC preamp for best synergy and sound.
I agree with ebm.  I have a Phi 200 and am using a Shindo Monbrisson, which is a great sounding combination along the lines you're looking for.  However, the gain from the Shindo is so high that I have to use 12 db attenuators at the amp to be able to use the volume control from the Shindo in its best range.  Using a nice VAC preamp like one of the Renaissance series should be a nice match and give you the sound you're looking for.
What’s your budget?  
I own a Renaissance mk1 preamp that I’ve used for many years.  I have pared it with a VAC PA 100, BAT VK 55, and a W4S amp with great success.  One pairing that didn’t work well was with a VAC Phi 110.  This combo always sounded reticent on the top end.

If you’re looking in the 3K range, the ones listed now that look interesting to me are the Cary Slp05 and the Manley 300B preamps.  Aric Audio might be worth investigating for a new unit.

Have fun.
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Why don’t you change the tubes in the s3?