Preamp for someone who's never needed one?

I've had a vinyl only system forever which includes an Art Audio Vinyl One phono pre with a volume control hooked directly to my amplifier. Recently I've made changes which have boosted the output level of my amp and phono stage and now I have very little play in my volume control before it gets too loud. The Art Audio sounds best when it's at 3 o'clock and it never gets above 9 now. So I guess I need a preamp and I'll start using the non attenuated output of the phono pre. What should I buy? I'm looking for simplicity. I don't need more than 2 inputs. Just looking for something that doesn't mess with what I already have. Amp is custom Rogue Atlas using KT120 for use with my Quad ESL57. Thanks!
Dhcod, if you like the simplicity of the Art Audio unit you've been using, have you explored getting a modification to the volume control section to reduce the output further before the volume control? Such a modification would introduce an additional resistor into the signal path, but that is a lot less additional circuitry than adding a linestage preamp (which typically adds yet another 20-30db of gain) just to then reduce the volume further.

Any competent technician should be able to accomplish this for you, and it would be a reversible modification.
Or just buy some 10 Db resistors[ or whatever value you need] to insert in the signal line to lower the output. These are available from sources that often advertise on here and require no modification whatsoever. Could be easily resold if you don't like them.
Rothwell was the name of the attenuators I was thinking of; they have a web site.
I tried the Rothwell attenuators and surprisingly, they did a major truncation of 3D and harmonics in the system. They were out instantly!
You needed a preamp you just didn't know it. Try an Audio Research SP-11, SP-14 or SP-15. These preamps are designed for phone and they have separate gain and attenuator controls.

The Rothwell attenuators did not work for me either. I was attempting to reduce the gain of a 7 volt output CD player (2 volts is typical) and the Rothwell attenuators significantly reduced system resolution.