Preamp for rogue 88

Any suggestions for a preamp to go with an 88. Im using near 50m's and a sherwood 980 cd. Thanks
A Rogue 66 or 99 would be a great match! Stick with the giant killers!
Stick with the Rogue or possibly a used Counterpoint, very similar sound.
I second the votes for Rogue. I would also like to add that a passive preamp can be wonderful with this amp. Makes an incredible combination that people are often stunned by.
i replaced a hot-rodded rogue 99 w/a cary slp98, which was marginally better than the rogue in *all* areas, except for the bass response - where it was *way* better! i think the rogues' poor bass response in my system was due to an impedence mismatch, but i'm not so sure about the rest of its attributes. i also liked the fact that the cary had a real tape-loop & a balance control. all that said, i recently replaced the cary w/a melos music-director, which i feel is in another league altogether. my set-up has never sounded better!
I just bought a AES AE-3 pre-built from the factory. I am stunned with the improvement in my system. I havn't had a lot of tube pre-amps in my system so take my advice with a grain of salt (this goes for most advice you get in these forums) but I really don't think you can go wrong for the price. I think that you have a trial period, I'm not sure but you couldn't tear mine out of my system without a fight. Cost??? Mine was $717 with the upgraded oil caps. You can get a remote for $1200 I think or upgrade later yourself for $300. I have no affiliation with AES or Upscale audio (www.upscaleaudio). By the way the AES is a division of Cary and the AE3 is VERY similiar to their SLP-50 and it uses the same output tubes as the SLP98 (6SN7s). It is supposed to be very easy on tubes and it only employs two output tubes which makes tube rolling much cheaper.