PreAmp for Revel Studio with Rowland 10?

I'm in the process of getting a Rowland 10 Amp to feed my Revel Studios. The next thing I have to do is find a SS PreAmp. Does anyone have a similiar setup? What would be a nice PreAmp to go with for mainly stereo use.
Why not get a Synergy ii if you want ss? If you want tube, check out Hovland, etc.
Although its a stereo/home theater preamp/processor, there is a great price on a Proceed AVP on AudiogoN. Thats what I'm using with my Pass Labs amp and Revel Studios.
I own a Primare P30 pre/pro to go with my 2-channel system which consists of Aerial Acoustic 10T speakers, Sony SCD-1 SACD/cd player, and McCormack DNA-2 LAE amp. In 2-channel by-pass mode (for 100% analog), it is a very transparent and detailed pre.

I've compared the Primare P30 side-by-side to the fairly highly rated Ayre k3-x pre-amp and much preferred the P30's greater transparency and detail to that of the K3-X. For whatever it's worth, the K3 was rated Class A by Stereophile about a year ago. The K3-X is an upgraded and sonically superior version of the original K3 again according to Stereophile mag.

I've also compared the P30 in-home to the Conrad-Johnson PV-14 pre-amp and Electropaniet's pre-amp. There was no comparison. The P30 was clearly superior sonically.

Primare is a little-known Swedish company distributed in the U.S. by Sumiko and the unit retails for about $3500 to $4k depending on who you ask. The P30 is the least expensive component in my system and I have been extremely satisfied with it's performance.

Check out a similar thread. Turns out there is another owner of the P30 (he's the only one I've met) who appears to be equally delighted.
I was planning on getting the Synergy II, but heard the older Rowland Coherence was better but they're hard to come by in the used market. Just want to be open to more options. Thanks to everyone that replied.