preamp for Revel M22

Which preamp, SS or Tube, would make my M22's sound their best. I would like to hear from Revel users who have tried both or either. I know it would not be my ears, just want an idea.
I run AES DJH preamp and Sixpacs, both with Jensen paper-in-oil capacitors, and am immensely satisfied with the sonics. The little DJH preamp is tube rectified and direct coupled, which I believe makes all the difference in the world!

I have also had good results with SimAudio electronics and my M22's.
The preamp choice will depend on the power amp . Both can can influence the frequency response of the speaker. So I don't think there's anyway to offer an opinion without knowing the power amp.
Bob, I am running an Acurus 200x3 amp and have an Onkyo 805 receiver. I am looking forward to your reply as to how this will change the frequency response. Thank you for your time.
Jalapenos, thank you for the info, I am doing some research now on the DJH preamp. I guess you prefer the tube more, sounds like a lot of people are.
You've probably realized that the Revels are highly placement sensitive. But once you get them dialed in with the right equipment, they are spectacular speakers. Have you considered an integrated amp? That would be only one piece of gear to swap and less cables...whatever you decide should be a significant improvement over your Onkyo receiver
although not a revel owner, i would conjecture that many preamps would work well with that speaker. it would depend upon your personal preference. i just reviewed a very interesting preamp which may interest you. it is the audio note kits l3 line stage preamp. it retails for $1699. the rason i find it interesting is that it is very uncolored without some of the unwanted qualities, namely frequency response imbalances and an etched presentation.

you can find the review on .
I don't know the input impedance of the Acurus. Tube preamps can have a highish output impedance, especially in the bass, and if mated with a power amp with a lowish input impedance (typically solid state), then the bass will roll off early. Once you know the input impedance of the Acurus, you'll want to learn the worst case impedance of the preamp to ensure it's not too high relative to the Acurus.

Based on the impedance graph of the M20 in Stereophile, a solid state amp is probably a good fit. So as long as you're aware of the impedance matching issues with your amp, any preamp will work well with the M22. As MrTennis said, it's personal preference.

Here's a quote from an $18K preamp review. Note the last two sentences.
The input impedance was very high, at 470k ohms or more at low and midrange frequencies, dropping to 163k ohms at 20kHz. (These figures are approximate because of the large margin of error when measuring AC impedances this high.) The Rex will therefore not load down source components at all. However, its output impedance was a little higher than specified, at 1000 ohms at 20kHz, 415 ohms at 1kHz, and 4.8k ohms at 20Hz. The last is due to the necessarily finite size of the output coupling capacitors. As MF noted, it should not be a significant issue in listening to music as long as the power amplifier has an input impedance greater than about 50k ohms. (BAT's own power amplifiers have input impedances well above 100k ohms.)
Good luck.