Preamp for ReQuests & Sunfire 2CH

I'm looking for a good preamp. I've got Martin Logan ReQuests, powered by the Sunfire Two Channel amp. Up front is the Rotel 971 CD unit. On the preamp I've gotta have a remote and unlike many audiophiles, I actually like tone controls - if they are well designed. I also really want the ability to control gain so that I'm not using only 60 degrees of the volume control most of the time. Even better if the gain can be independently set across different input devices. Phono stage is optional as I'm not currently using any vinyl. I've been looking at the Sunfire CVTP (even though I'm not really a "tubes" guy) which got a good review in TAS...and I've been intrigued by the NAD 118 digital preamp for its broad range of control abilities (Stereophile recommended, but only class C). My buget ceiling is around $2000. I need some advice. What's out there that fits my needs/preferences?
Problem solved. Buy my Sunfire CVTP for $1150 and make us both happy. Thanks.
While i can't specifically comment on what preamp would be best for you, here's a GREAT deal on the NAD that you mentioned. If you contact them, please mention that i referred you. This is an excellent shop and the feedback on the A/V dealer website reflects this. While you can't click on the link, you can cut and paste. Hope this helps. Sean >
I own an Adcom GFP-750 and it does have a passive/active switch which could be helpful with gain problems. It is a very transparent sounding and functional preamp.
The sunfire preamp is magic with martin logan speakers and a sunfire amp.
I installed these electronics with ml monoliths and was very impressed with the smooth uncompressed sound.