Preamp for Plinius SA-103

I have decided to get the SA-103 for power duties, but currently deciding on a preamp.Any recommendations for good synergy? I have Dynaudio C1, with a Marantz SA11-S2 as a source. It could be either solid state or tube.
How about this one ?
Yes, the M8 is an obvious one, but wanted to know if there are any others, tube or SS.
The Plinius is high gain (32-38), espescially when using XLR inputs or when bridged. That's one reason I chose it along with a passive TVC line stage and compatible source (good Vout/low Zout/ direct coupled). An active preamp with 20 dB gain would be useless, possibly detrimental, on moderately sensitive speakers. There are some active pre's with gain as low as 10 dB. Pass comes to mind.
I used the Aesthetics Calypso with NOS tubes when I had a Plinius SA-102 & Dynaudio C4's. Can roll tubes to suit your tastes. Highly recommended.
How much are you willing to spend on a pre? do you need special features on it?
Thanks guys, was actually looking at ARC LS17/27, Modwright LS36.5/LS100, Plinius M8/Tautoro to be specific. Could not find any reviews on their pairing with the SA103. Also wondering if a tube pre could be too warm with the Plinius.
I used a Aesthetix Claypso signature with a Plinius sa-50 MkIII. Really nice. Still have the Plinius but using an Atlas for primary amp. The aesthetix has 2 gain settings. I used the default lower setting.
An older Audio Research might be too warm but the newer ones and BAT tube pre's were a good match for my Plinius SA-100 MKIII when I had it. I think a good tubed pre would sound very nice.
I currently have this set-up, Plinius SA103, Audio Horizon preamp 2.1nB, Dynaudio C1. The AH preamp IMHO worked really well with my set-up. AH also has free audition. Good luck.
I used a Blue Circle BC3/3000 with a Plinius SA100 MKII/III to good effect.
You may have already decided, but, having used all tubes, all SS, and mixing Tubes with SS, then finally buying the Plinius sa 103's and bi-amping with NAT Symmetrical Tube pre-amp, I'm vary vary close to nirvana when listening to music. The SA 103's are shot gunned to B@W 802D's. Wiring is important, so I use Acoustic Zen. These two products, NAT and Plinius, are not talked about much, but I would recomment them to anyone who's not rich and love's music. Best of luck in your search.