Preamp for Plinius P8

I have decided to try a move from an integrated amp to a pre/ power combination. My current system is:
Simaudiuo I-3 integrated
Audio Aero Prima cd player
Rega P-5 turntable
Dynaudio Contour 1.4
REL Strata III sub.

Having had a Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated in the past and rather pleased with it I bought a Plinius P8 power amp. Currently I am using the Simaudio I-3 for a preamp, using the preout.
At this point I plan to go with solid state. I like plenty of bass. I listen to classical, jazz, some rock (not too heavy).
I would like to keep it around $1200.00 used. Any suggestions?
Why do you want to move to seperates?Is it an image thing?

For me if you have less than 10k to spend it is better to stick with a well made intergrated amp.Choose from companies that has a pedigree in making intergrated amp.

I used to own the simaudio1-3,and must say that the sound is slightly forward and raw.I think you would be better off with KARAN intergrated, the ever lovely Lavardin IT,GAMUT,YBA,and if you like steely SS sound ,try Gryphon.These are the companies that know how to make Intergrated,with no compromise.I use a NEODIO 150 ,and though quite expensive ,it is the biggest bargain in hifi [and best kept secrect].

You have a very respectable system,and that audio aero is a real giant killer.