Preamp for Plinius 8200p

What tube pre-amp goes well with a Plinius 8200p? Has anyone matched this amp with a Vandersteen 2Ce?
I currently have a Rogue Audio 66 preamp matched with the Vandersteen 2CE, and am strongly considering getting a 8200P to replace my current amp. I've been told it'd be a good combination. I'm also considering a Belles 150A hotrod, a Musical Fidelity A3.2cr, and an Anthem hybrid. Anyway, the Rogue is nice, inexpensive and would probably sound good with the Plinius.
I would recommend the Blue Circle BC series preamps or the Rogue. Two different osunds though. The Rogue to me was dark and slow, not a good match with the Vandersteens IMHO, but the BC may be perfect!
I have a Audio by Van Alstine transcendence 7 hybrid preamp, very nice.
I find that the 8200P has a little lack of bass, donĀ“t you?