Preamp for Odyssey Stratos monoblocks?

I just sold my Audible Illusions L1 tubed pre-amp and looking to upgrade. I would like to find something around 1000.00 used to go with Martin Logan Requests and the Odyssey mono's. Should I stay with a tubed pre or try SS???
The musical Design sp2b works well with the stratos. I have the stereo version with 100,000 cap upgrade and it sounds great. You could also call Klaus and try out his Tempest preamp which should be a perfect synergistic match. I was thinking of this also. I had already bought the 2b before I purchased the amp. Klaus said it was a great match and it really is. I always liked the idea of having something tubed in at least one of my components but I would still like to try the Tempest to see how it sounds. Good luck!
Chipster, I have found that a tubed pre-amp works well with a SS amp.I have not yet received my mono's... Klaus said they will be ready next week. He is also going to check on the availability of a Symphonic Line p20 that was up for sale. If not, I have been thing about the Reference Line Preeminince Series, Blue Circle BC2, and the McCormack TLC.
I have had the Odyssey monoblocks since March, 2000. I just replaced the SCE HRS line driver with a Monolithic Sound PA-1 passive/active linestage. This is a wonderful unit that comes close to the Reference Line Preeminence Series passives and has an on-demand active gain circuit, as well. Since my source has enough gain to drive the Stratos monos, I use the PA-1 in passive mode without the wall wart power supply. I am about to receive a Sonic Frontiers Line 1, which will replace the PA-1. I would like to hear what a 6922 dual triode based pream like the Line 1 does for the sound of the Stratos'.
Lorenzo, Thanks for the information. I have also been looking at the Monolithic Sound Pa-1 as a possibility. Also have heard good things about the Norh LW-1 passive pre-amp. I am talking to Stan Warren(The former "S" in PS Audio) about a passive pre-amp that he builds for $300.00. He says it is better than anything available. Let me know how you like the sound of the Line 1. Glenn