Preamp for my system...Please


This is my first 2 channel sytem. Need help with preamp selection.

This is what I have:

B&W 802d
(2) Spectron musician 3 Mark 2 SE with bybee upgrade amps as monoblocks
Cary 306 Pro SACD
Transparent Ultra biwire cables.

I was just doing Hiome Theater before, but want to start listening to more music
What is the amount that you are willing to spend ?

Would you like tubes or solid state, or does it matter ?
I have been using a PLACETTE ACTIVE preamp. I agree with the fantastic reviews. It is a great product. The rest of my system is DCS digital and goldmund etc. I bought mine used as did a friend, who is also very happy with it.
It is much more transparent than any other preamp I have heard!!! They make a non-active version for less $$$. Your system is worth this preamp. They are rare to find used on Audiogon or anywhere else. Read the reviews. They are sold new direct from Guy Hamel though. He is Placette.
Enjoy, Peterh
I Haven't listened to much tube gear before, but I did hear my same speakers with the Ayon Triton integrated tube amp and thought it sounded wonderful so I guess I'm pretty open.

I'm looking for synergy that will help tie the whole system together


What $$$ range?
Price range about $5000.00 used here on Audiogon
ARC Ref 3, McIntosh c2300 or Cary Audio SLP05

3 great choices in your price range, the ARC is prob the best of those, the Cary my favorite, and the Mac the best value (comes with and excellent MC/MM phono stage)

can't go wrong with any of those
Try to look for a pre-owned EAR Yoshino 868Linesage for I recommend 834Phonostage.
If your interested in tubes maybe atmasphere's MP3 or audiovalve's Eclipse might work for you.
Mike I had always ahd a solid state system top to bottom. And I wanted to add a 2 channel pre-amp with unity gain and decided to take a run at tubes. I bought a Audio Research LS26 about 650 hours ago and am very happy with the sound. I had been advised if I was to try tubes to do the pre-amp first and I can atest that I was given good advice. I looked at the McIntosh C2300 and the rest of my system is Mcintosh Pre/pro and amps and I think the LS26 was the right choice. People that I talked to about the C2300 advised me to go with a C2200 but it didn't have unity gain so I jumped brands, take a look at ARC.
Thanks for the responses so far. I will start researching these recommendations. I forgot to mention that I would like HT pass-through since I will still want that system for video.
given your system, I will suggest Cary SLP-05. I have heard Cary in dealer show room only, but my impression, like most, was very positive and found Cary to be musical and warm. I had ARC Ref 3 in my system for a short while, also heard it in several friends' systems. It's neutral but also casts its own sound. do a search on this forum to find out what are the negative comments of Ref3.

Both Spectron and B&W are on the leaner side of sound, Cary should complement the system well. if you don't mind not having XLR, try Conrad Johnson as well. I also like SF Line 3SE.
You might be able to find a VAC Renaissance preamp in that price range. I am impressed by mine. It has the pass through plus you can run single ended or balanced in/outs. The build quality and material quality is second to none. No cheap folded metal case and one of the things I like best, a continous volume control to get the level just right.
The VAC sounds great with my N802's.
I am third for Cary SLP-05 - terrific preamplifier, warm and musical, very convenient HT pass-through - it works even when preamp is turned off.