Preamp for ML336

Hi Fellow Audiogoners,

I just purchased a Mark Levinson 336 amplifier and I am now searching for a compatible pre-amplifier. Sticking with Mark Levinson pre-amps (380 or 380s)makes sense but I was wondering if anyone has tried any other successful combinations? I am currently driving Dynaudio T2.5's but will upgrade those once the preamp situation is resolved. I was actually toying with driving the 336 directly with a Benchmark DAC1 since I really only listen to CD's. I am open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Classe preamps work well with Levinson, as do BAT.

I biamp my Aerial 20t's with a 336 on the bottom, and 33H on the top. I have used:

Audio Research SP11
Classe CP-65
Classe Omega

I'm now using a Levinson 32.

For me, I need 2 sets of balanced outputs, so certain preamps won't go.

In the end, I found the synergy of Levinson to Levinson best, however all the preamps I listed had their own strengths in my system.

How about a 380S or the newer 320S?

Good luck!

Paul :-)
I would also lkook for a ML preamp. The 380s is a remarkable preamp and I've used it ewith the 336.