Preamp for Mirage M1

I am on the market for a preamp to feed a Carver A500x powering mirage M1. I listen mostly to classical, jazz and some electronica/industrial.

I am at a loss trying to decide which is the better route. For Anthem, I am considering the 225, which I know is an integrated, but I wonder if it could be better than the carver, or I might just use the preamp section. Same thing for the Nova (I will surely only use the preamp). The Vincent is the SA-31. I am completely open to other suggestions, in the same price range (I am fine with used)

The peachtree seems very attractive, it has an integrated DAC and has had stellar reviews. But the Anthem and the Vincent also have had stellar reviews, all being called the best deal for the price. Since I don't have the opportunity to audition, I was hoping that someone with more experience might pitch in there.

In particular, I wonder if tubes and Mirage M1 will not produce a sound that's too laidback.