Preamp for McIntosh MC225

I was going to put together a system for a smaller room primarily for cd/sacd/phono. I purchased an MC225 a few years back in excellent condition and haven't ever got the rest of the system together. I know the vintage C22 would pair up nicely, but any thoughts on the current lineup C220 etc? I guess the commemorative C22 would be great but they're a little high for me. Thanks.
The c2200 would be a nice match as would a used Rogue 99 Maxum
The 22 would be a classic match up. You might keep your eye out for a C20 also if you want to stay vintage. Some people favor it over the 22. If it were me, I'd opt for a newer Mac pre. I owned the C2200 (haven't heard the newer ones) and think it would pair up nicely with the 225. Good luck.
I would think a Marantz 7 would pair up nicely with an Mc-225. Very classy system
You so have to get the C220 for that amp, the C2200 is just too modern, go all old school. All the Mac gear sounds great together. Nice amp, BTW.