Preamp for McIntosh MC-602

Hi, I have had my McIntosh MC-602 for a couple years now, paired with a set of Magnepan MG 20.1s.  For awhile now I've been using an old McIntosh C36 preamp.  It works ok, but I could use something a little better.  Traditionally I've liked passive preamps (I am mostly vinyl, so a whole lot of features in the preamp doesn't appeal to me).  Sadly my Luminous Axiom II just won't work with the 602.  I am assuming there isn't a passive preamp out there that will, but am open to suggestions.  Aside from the passive preamp, is there another preamp out there you would recommend?  I certainly think the newer McIntosh preamps would work fine with it, but they are pretty pricey for all the extra doo-dads that I really won't use.  I just want basic, but basic that will handle the 602.  Input impedance is 10k ohms...
thanks in advance
Hi Terry, my MC452 works well with semi-DIY Bent Audio TapX with 4 silver autoformers (fully balanced). I have tried a few active preamps previously but prefer the transparency, higher resolution, tighter bass, and zero background noise of the passive autoformer preamp.  Whether passive preamp will work or not depends on the source output voltage if it is sufficient to drive MC602 at regular listening level.  In my case, the passive preamp attenuate around -30 to -20 dB most of the time.
I have enjoyed a McIntosh C50/MC452 for nearly a year now, just had a friend over who said "love that McIntosh tube sound".  These are a smooth sounding combination.