Preamp for Mccormack 0.5 mono

I am looking for a pre with HT bypass <1500.Iwas thinking about Mccormack's RLD1,but have been seeing alot of threads
recommending tubes.Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am using Proceed Pre with DNA 1. It's a great, very dynamic and transparent combination. Pre has HT bypass.
The Tube Audio Design TAD 150 (current model) sounds good on McCormack amps. Also many people feel an Audible Illusions tube preamp is a good match. I personally prefer solid state preamps with the McCormacks.
I've been looking at the TAD150 and even talked to Paul about it.Sounds like it would work well with theMccormacks,
but I think I'm leaning towards the RLD1.I like the idea to send it back to Steve and have it upgraded,plus the input impedance for the mono's are the same as the preamp at 10k.So I think it would make a pretty good match.
What do you think?
Paul29, I think the RLD1 is an excellent choice for your monos (your very fortunate to own them), eliminating the possibility they would not have any synergy together, plus it comes with a remote. I have enjoyed over the years using the McCormack amps (especially the ones with revisions) which represent an excellent value & investment in sound quality, his preamps are no exception! I also agree that having the option to upgrade when you can afford it, is the icing on the cake.
Paul29, don't ignore Steve McC's earlier preamp, the ALD-1 modded. I have just bought a secondhand ALD-1 with Steve's Platinum upgrade and can truly say it is the BEST preamp I have heard. My search for a preamp took me 4 years and within that time I have auditioned countless number of preamps (including tubes), always with the niggling doubt that none were good enough - until the ALD-1 Platinum. I don't want to use hackneyed expressions to describe the musical experience of the ALD-1. All I would say is, if you want the next closest thing to having a band or musicians in your living room you should give the ALD-1 (I imagine the RLD with revision would be the same) a serious listen, if you can get the chance.
I'm getting that feeling the Mccormack's work even better with their own preamps.Does anyone else feel this way?Thanks for your responses.
Paul, how are you. I used ARC LS-15 with my DNA-05 Deluxe with great results, but it does not have SSP throughput. But the newer LS16 does. ARC tube preamps have a very open sound that is a good complement to McCormack amps. I now use my LS-15 with DNA-125 and I love the way the Research sounds with McCormack. I also heard my friend's system, Sonic Frontiers Line-1 with DNA-125 and the results are great. Very smooth sounding combo and Line-1 has SSP. Also try audio assylum for suggestions(search the posts there). Best of luck.
BAT VK3i has an HT pass-thru and worked great with my 0.5. Shoould run you $1-1.5K.