preamp for manley

Hi I just got a pair of Manley Snapper mono blocks used on this site ,can any one suggest a preamp that will play well with these. 2-4k new or good used ,Thanks BB.
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+2 Jumbo Shrimp.

I've also used a Coda 07x with the Snappers. More expensive but worth it.
Look for a Manley preamp. can be helpful. create an account and you can get daily updates as new preamps come up for sale.
BB, those are very good amps.  When I got mine I also bought a Jumbo Shrimp (don't you just love those names?).  As expected, it is a great match and you should be happy with one.

But then I learned about the Sachs and after some investigation I ordered one, mainly because of being able to have it custom built.  That comparison was about four years ago so I don't remember every detailed difference, so I'll say this.

A JS Manley should cost less if found used.  It will be very quiet, musical and dynamic.  Manley support is very good.

The Sachs can be custom featured but there will be a wait time for build, I believe it is still a one person operation.  I think the Sachs has a larger, more holographic soundstage and possibly more extended bass (I don't have subs).  Also Don may now offer balanced outputs which is an option with the Snappers.  You'd need to ask Manley why the Jumbo Shrimp does not include balanced outputs.  But then the need for those is debatable, some love them, others don't find the need.

BTW, "Manley was founded by a woman." is untrue.  That was David Manley, who EveAnna married.  He left the company, she took over, and it has grown successfully ever since.
Yes I was in touch with Don He now sells only one kind with all his options no balance outputs but can get it with one balanced input and 3 rca. 6-8 weeks wait  or no balanced inputs for $200.00 les $2800 or $2600 might get that  , or the Manley , I like the 300b one  😎