Preamp for magepan 3.7 and Sanders amp combo

Currently have an older Audio Research. L's15. Looking for a nice upgrade suggestion. Think tube pre might be the way to go. If you were going to a newer ARC model and price was an issue where would you suggest? The Refs are out of my price range. La26 or 27? Thanks for any suggestions.
You might want to try a lector zoe (easy tube rolling). I used one with my magnepan 1.6 speakers and they added the correct missing tonality for many instruments. I believe you need tubes somewhere in your front end equipment. I'm sure other fine tube pre amps will also work well.
I am currently using a Reference 3 that I bought from a fellow Audiogoner a year and a half ago. It sounds marvelous, especially since I went past the 300 hour barrier on the 3.7s. Things didn't really open up as soon as I thought they would but the wait has been worth it. I know you said the Refs were out of your price range but a used Ref 3 might be a possibility.

Good luck with the Maggies!
I would highly recommend taking a look at Eastern Electric Avant. Yes, it's really that good.