Preamp for Krell KSA 250 and Thiel 3.6?

I have the following -
Krell KSA 250 Amp, Audible Illusions Modulus 3A pre, Thiel 3.6 speakers, Acoustic Zen speaker cables, Pioneer PD-65 CD player, and Signal interconnects. I am looking to change the preamp first JUST BECAUSE it has a separate power supply box with an attached umbilical cord. I am now into using fewer smaller boxes to achieve the same or better sound at the same price. Can anyone recommend a preamp or comment/suggest on the system in general?
if possible.
Krell KBL goes GREAT with the KSA250, but it has a outboard power supply as well.
your price range is?
I second the KBL, but figure on sending it to Krell for replacement of some of the older parts, unless you find one for which that has already been done.

The KBL is an excellent preamp and a perfect match for the 250. If I were going for a better preamp (KRC-HR), I think I would first upgrade the amp. ... to the KSA300 or better yet to the FPB300.

Just my opinion,
Richard (who has owned all of the above)
You might want to talk to John Chapman at Bent Audio.., He can build you a passive NOH balanced preamp that will take your system to a higher level. I used one with my Ksa-250, the only problem you MAY or MAY NOT have is the somewhat low sensitivity of your speakers. I also have Acoustic Zen speaker cables and my interconnects between my Sony XA777 and the Bent passive were Harmonic Tech. T-links. I am going to order another Bent in a couple of months as I had to sell mine not long ago.

I owned a Krell KBL and a KSA-150 for years. Currently I am running a KRC and a FPB-300. The KBL was wonderful with the KSA (and before I went with it I tried others that didn't compare). There is a KBL up for auction right now (and no, I am not the seller). According to the ad, it was entirely recapped with a new volume switch. This would be the preamp I would look into. I had my KBL recapped several years back and it made a huge difference. Good Luck!
How about the Krell HTS (original version)? This is what I use with my KSA-250 and it sounds and looks fantastic to me. Only problem is the annoying 2 second delay when switching and starting. Used, they are plentiful and inexpensive. I purchased mine for $1,500, in mint condition, on Audiogon. You also get the combined benefit of a pre-amp, D/A converter and home theater processor all in one. I could not be happier with my KSA-250/HTS combination.
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I would look into Audio Research, in addition to Krell. This way, you'd have top choices from both the solid state and the tube world to consider.