Preamp for Job 225

So I was wondering what some good preamp options are for the Job 225. I am considering passive or active but it has to have a remote with good volume control. I would prefer a passive one, but I am wondering what peoples experiences have been. I am consider the LD3 from Tortuga, AkustYk with remote option, CI PLC•1 MKII Remote Passive Line Controller, and the Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2. If any one else has any suggestions or wants to sell me something I would appreciate the feedback.
How would you characterize the sound of your amp. Neutral, musical, bright? Knowing this would help with recommendations. Knowing what kind of music you listen to would help also......
Careful the amp has a low input impedance so some tube preamps will not be the best match.
have you considered the placette RVC or passive (if more inputs are required)? i've been enjoying one for a while now and find it to be a stellar performer - it replaced a $5k tube preamp. also they are fantastic folks to work with... customer support right up there with pass labs and atma-sphere.
I have spent a lot of time listening to my JOB 225 amp with the Lightspeed, Warpspeed and Tortuga based LDR passive pre-amps, as well as the current Bent Audio TAP-X passive autoformer I am using. I can tell you that the latest units from Tortuga will make an excellent match and have the remote features you need, as does the near impossible to find TAP-X. I am waiting for the latest V.2 board that I have ordered from Tortuga, and look forward to comparing it and the TAP-X soon. I have discovered that the sound quality of all of the LDR based pre-amps is VERY dependant upon the power supply being used, as well as the type of wire being used between the supply and the LDRs. Even the fuses in the AC/DC power supply and the AC power cord for the supply make a difference. I have also tried three different types of batteries, but did not care for their sound.
The TAP-X power supply and associated wiring has no effect on its sound at all that I have heard. The power going into the TAP-X is not critical. There are no connections from power to the main output's passive signal path. Great piece of gear!
Audio a Candy: The Job is open but smooth, it's paired with some Dynaudio Focus 110. My music preferences are ambient electronic, Indy vocal, and 80% home theatre (2 channel), i like my sound signature to have PRAT, texture, and imaging....also tilted towards warm.

BigShutterBug: I am confused does the Tortuga based LDR require a extra power supply? Would you be interested in selling either of your preamps?
All of the LDR pre-amps I mentioned (Warpspeed, Lightspeed and Tortuga) require a single AC/DC power supply. I will be selling the Lightspeed this coming week, and will be keeping the TAP-X and my AUM Acoustics Tortuga board based LDR. I am awaiting the arrival of the new Tortuga V.2 board for it.
I use the W4S STP/SE and the pairing sounds great! BTW, the input impedance is 61k, so I would not characterize it as "low". Also, I am seriously thinking about going for the Stage 2 upgrade.
Almost forgot...Job will have a preamp out by June 15 and obviously that will be a good pairing.
Grk - I'd be interested in knowing whether you're "fronting" the Job with a "stock" STP-SE, or the W4S Stage 1 upgrade package. I just settled on the STP-SE yesterday and ordered one from Walter at Underwood. There's too many moving parts with my system currently to have afforded upgrades at this juncture, but it's always inspirational to know there's "room for improvement" without breaking-the-bank on much pricier gear.

I haven't checked in on this forum for awhile. I am using the stock stp/se, however, I have been considering trying the Underwood or W4S upgrades. OTH, I have also been changing cables, so my bank account is a bit low right now.