preamp for JEff Rowland 201 monoblocks

I just bought a set of 201's and I am looking for suggestions on preamps. They will be run on a set of old school JBL CF150's. I am hoping to keep this conversation in the solid state side as I currently have a Mcintosh C2300 to try that route on although that piece will stay on that system along with the Sonus Faber Cremona M.
How about a Rowland preamp? The Capri has gotten a lot of good reviews or an older Consummate or Coherence would be a great match with the 201's.
Thanks guys, I just stumbled on a Capri. Now onto interconnects...
i ran analysis plus solo crystals with mine. sounded neutral, open and super transparent. ap interconnects seem to get out of the way. highly recommend anaylsis plus cables and interconnects -especially solo crystals.

also, with 201s -or 501s, i highly recommend the jrdg pc-1, they make a huge difference. one pc-1 can power two 201s -though two will sound better. congrats. super amps.
I concur with Allhaildawg. The PC-1 converts AC into an extremely smooth higher voltage DC current. The result is that M201 or M501 will reveal a lot more harmonics and low level detail.... Sound becomes similar to the higher end M312.... Just remember to convert M201 to 220V operation before connecting PC-1, or sparks shall fly, followed by delicate scent of burnt synthetics, followed by... a cute pair of worthless boat-anchors.

On the subject of cabling with Rowland gear, I am exceedingly partial to Shunyata products, CX series or later.