Preamp for Jadis Orchestra Ref

I have a Jadis Orchestra Reference amplifier. I have read in threads sometime ago (must be over a year) that a preamp would improve it's sound. I tried to look for the old threads but they seem to have been deleted (not sure if it was this site or elsewhere). I listen to everything (rock, alternative, acoustic, female vocals, jazz, classical) and the amp does a decent job with all. I have it hooked to a pair of Cabasse Farellas. I am wondering if anyone has had experience matching a preamp to this integrated.
I would strongly advise against using a preamp with your unit, it has a preamp built in, and a very good one at that. In my view there is no sense in adding another gain stage, with its consequent losses due to interconnects, circuitry, etc. If you can bypass the Orchestra's preamp stage (does it have a pre-in input?), you might be able to do it, I guess, but unless you're going to use something of the caliber of a JP80MC or a Lamm L2 why bother? Just my 2 cents.
I have the Orch Reference also, and thought the same as you, to possibly disconnect the pre stage and add a better preamp, line in. But as the above poster correctly advises, no.
The Jadis dealer in Colorado , Frank, sent me a pr of Cabasse MTM's, can't recall the name, I thought the bass was abit thin, etc. Just not enough, sent them back same day, ($100/return ship!)BTW, Cabasse is no longer in business. I just bought the Seas Thor speakers at 4ohms, 86 db. The Orch Refer just does not offer the dynamics in the highs that i LOVE, the mids are quite real, but still the musical image is slightly supressed, a cover over it. Bass is not too bad. But I'm going further. I just got 2 old Marantz's off Ebay, and hope I get some dynamics to make these MTM Thors shine. As in all things audio, there is a trade off. I have a feeling the Jadis is going to market. Will post everyone on results. I wanted a used Electrocompaniet 70 watt, but too expensive. If the Marantz does not work out, I'm going Cayin 6550 mono blocks + the Ming Da pre, a $3K investment. Will keep everyone posted.
The Jadis should be perfect for Cabasse, because those are very high efficency speakers. But not my cup of tea. The Thor's are. BTW I plan to add a W26 woofer to the Thors, biamp. The Cayin cdp has 2 outs, one tube to one Marantz to the Thors, the ss out to another Marantz + the Cerwin Vega xover to the Seas W26. ???? The Thors need that extra bass.
RcPrince, not sure if it has a pre-in input. I don't see anything for it for sure. Will have to see if I can find a diagram somewhere. It might be easier (haha) to try tube-rolling on this then.

did you try to disconnect the pre-stage or did Jadis dealer talk you out of it? If you did what did you do or try and what were the results? I'm just curious.

On the speakers I found that the bass response was much better with creek 5350se on the farella speakers. Still, I'm not complaining about Jadis. The bass is enough to keep me happy. If I wanted more, I just connect speakers to the creek.
No I did not try to disconnect the pre. Whats the point. If you want more, then get the DA30 or even the DA60. My plans are to get a used DA60 for around $3K. I could go Cayin 6550 monon + Ding Ma pre, but I think it will be less than what the DA60 will offer, at around the same $. That will be my very last amp I'll ever own.
Cheers. someone mentioned the Da60 blows away the Orch Refer.
after hooking up the old Marantz 4300, a 100 watt ss amp, I realized the Jadis intergrated simply cannot be beat. Jadis offers in my opinion the finest quality amp for musical qualities, neutrality = least coloring (almost nil, in fact nil!), quality bass, live mids, can't say about the highs, cause I've only heard the little Orch, but I'm sure the big Jadis', the Da30, DA60, all the Jadis mono blocks offer more dynamics in the treble. Now all those good things do not come cheap. Jadis is not cheap in construction, and thus in price. I was thinking in going Cayin, to save a few bucks...but now that i think about it, the Jadis is built to last, you won't have to worry about sending her off to the doctor any time soon, if ever. So though Cayin's line is very tempting...I'm set on the DA60. After spending $$$ on junk, now I've come to my senses, i'm going for the best.
sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Good luck finding one Bartokfan.