Preamp for Jadis Defy 7 mk2 recommendations

I am looking for any recommendations for a great preamp to match up with my Jadis Defy 7. I just bought this piece and also own a Jadis Orchestra Reference, which I love.

I am considering a Jadis JPL and an Audio Valve Eklipse.

Can anyone offer any advice of either of these 2 preamps or perhaps suggest something else.

I have set a budget of $6000 and I would love to find something used, but in terrific condition for about half of that.

Thanks in advance. I really enjoy the passionate opinions and discussions on Audiogon and look forward to your remarks.
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I had a Jadis Defy 7 some moons ago and it ran very well using numurous pres such as the Classe Dr-5&6 Conrad Johnson pv-10B along with a NYAL and last a budget Adcom GFA 565..
correction an Adcom gfp 565
IMO, Jadis JPL w/Defy7..No brainer but hard to find for 3 grand in "terrific condition"..Most owners keep them like myself.
I'm running the Jadis Defy 7 Mk4 with the Cary SLP-05 which I find to be very well matched sonically. Great layering, fairly neutral (for tubes) and surprisingly healthy bass output if slightly rounded.
Well, I can tell you what preamp not to buy-and that would be the Mcintosh C2300. I also own the Defy 7 MKII amp and I currently have a C2300 on audition in my system and I don't think it will be staying. I can tell you that the Counterpoint SA-5.1 is an outstanding match with the Defy. The only reason I was considering something else is that I was hoping to retain all of the sonic virtues of the 5.1 while adding more inputs including balanced ones and the cool remote features of the 2300. That is clearly not going to happen in this case.

Back to your question-if you can find a Counterpoint SA-5.1 (and good luck, they don't come for sale very often)and preferably one that has made it way back to Michael Elliott (the original designer)and had the line stage and phono stage upgraded, don't hesitate to jump on it. You didn't mention whether you need a phono section or not, but the SA-5.1 has an outstanding phono section built in. If you are going to use low output MC cartridges, you will need a step-up device. Again, I can tell you that the combo of the SA-5.1 and Jadis Defy 7 MKII is magical. Of course I would love to hear a Jadis preamp but I haven't had the opportunity. I have learned my lesson the hard way before and that is to never sell my SA-5.1 unless something else can prove it is better in my system. That hasn't happened yet. As for the Classe DR-6-forget that. I owned one and quickly got rid of it. No pun intended, but it is not in the same class as a good tube preamp let alone the 5.1.
By the way, Michael Elliott is selling brand new preamps under his Aria brand which in my opinion are based on the SA-5.1 circuit but with much better parts than were originally used. He has added a choke in the power supply and a trick power supply for the tube filaments to allow switching between 6 V and 12 V tubes so you can drive yourself crazy tube rolling. His new preamp is custom built to order and is available for close to your full tilt budget. When 5.1 preamps come up for sale, they generally go for around $1400 and more if they have had the line stage and phono stage upgraded by Michael Elliott. They bring less money than the SA-5000 which is kind of funny. People think that because the SA-5000 is newer than the 5.1 and sold for more money that it is better than the 5.1. They couldn't be more wrong. The 5.1 smokes the 5000. Good luck and I would love to know what you end up with.
Well... it looks like I found a nice little JPL to adopt. I am so excited about finding this treasure. I think that mating my Defy to the JPL should eliminate any synergy problems as far as those 2 components are concerned.

I am hoping to have it by the end of next week and I will report back as to my initial impressions of it. I am extremely optimistic about this making a nice solid home in the heart of my system.

On another topic, I just modified my Valab NOS dac with a couple of Metalized Polypropylene Capacitor 10uf 100V PIO OIL. It is supposed to take about 3 days to let the acclimate to the dac, but my wife and I notice a definite improvement in the sq already. It's a pretty easy upgrade and cheap too.

Thanks for the great advice. I really love this Audiogon group... we all share a common love, just like a family.
Received the JPL premap yesterday.
Look beautiful, but tubes are a little worn out. I called on my Jadis guru, Velo6, and he told me about the Tung Sol 12ax7 and RCA Cleartops that Jadis uses in there show JPL's. I just called Brent Jessee and I will be picking them up tomorrow afternoon.
I hope that takes care of all the problems with the clarity and sound stage. I am also hearing a strange little sound deep in the background.
I may take a little time to polish the JPL up, but it should be a great learning experience.
Any JPL suggestions are most welcome.
I just installed the Tung Sols and the Rca tubes. System is just warming up, but I can already hear a tremendous difference. I think it will sound ever better after the system warms up for an hour or so.
Thanks for the suggestion John.
A friend of mine owns yours Jadis power amp and he matches it with Jouole-Electra LA-300ME. Sound is simply unbelievable!!!!

This month, J-E LA-300ME has received Harry Pearson of TAS "HP 2010 Editor Choice Award", He wrote that it is the most romantic preamp but without any euthonic coloration he can hear. This is exactly what I and many other owners of this preamp wrote in our on-line reviews and posts.

With this preamp there is nothing but music and it grabbes you and does not let you go and you cannot stop listening

All The Best
Well... I assumed the JPL would be the perfect mate to my Defy 7, but it is just not the sound I am looking for.

Rafael, I wish I could try one out before buying it. I will have to see if there is Joule dealer in the Chicago area. The is a Joule LA-150 listed right now.

I will be listing the JPL pretty soon, but I sure would like to find someone with a great replacement for it before I list it.
I can only repeat Harry Pearson impression of Joule-Electra LA-300ME preamplifier. The most involving, most grabbing and not letting go component I ever,ever owned or auditioned. Probably all love Mr. Barber experienced toward his late wife (this is memorial preamp) is manifested in this jewel. Also, HP is correct - there is no euophonic colorations I can hear yet its so sweet...

I cannot recommend this preamp highly enough and I owned or auditioned I think all best tube preamps around.

I am playing on Defy7 with passive TCV, a Signature the best version of Promitheus. That is a very good match, sound better that my previously active pre, like BAT-VK30 and Sonic Frontiers-SFL2, for music lovers. I've been thinking about Music First Audio yet.
additionaly Amparex 7316 in 12au7 position absolutely perfect sound.
I am going to retube my Defy with new reissue Gold Lions, adjust the bias and see if I can fine tune this thing.
Right now I am still listening to my JOR and if I can get the Defy sound a little stronger than the JOR, I will be a very happy man.