Preamp for D’agostino progression power

Hi everyone.
I’m looking to upgrade my MBL 5011 preamp connected to my D’agostino progression power amp.
My system includes:
Raidho d1.1 speakers on stands
D’agostino Progression power amp
MBL 5011 preamp
Simaudio Moon evolution 680 streamer dac
Trumusic speaker cables and xlr
No special power cords or conditioners.
my living room size is about 35 sqm.
my budget is 15,000-25,000 US dollars.
I’m looking for a lively open clear sound with great resolution and tight bass.
I’ve heard Vitus mp-l201 which was very deep and 3D but not enough highs for me.
Also heard Luxman 900c (not enough gain) and Constellation which was too lean.
I don’t have the luxury to audition most gear, because I live in Israel, and number of hi end dealers here is limited, as well as the gear they have on demo.
I would like to add that the Dag amp has a very low sensitivity, and my Raidho speakers are very very hard to drive!
Thank you all,
Looks like your Moon 680 is 2v at 100ohm and your Progression amp is 100kohm input impedance and is also very sensitive, as it’s mated Ago Progression preamp they have for it is only 15db of gain.

You don’t need a preamp with a lot of gain, if anything I would go with either a passive pre of active with unity or very little gain
You can get both these and more in a Schiit Freya+, which can be used as passive, tube, or solid state. something for all seasons.

Good thing is you can send it back for a refund if you don't get off on it.

Cheers George

At the risk of stating the obvious wouldn't a D'Agostino preamp mate well with a D'Agostino amp? Or are they out of your price range?
Hi Jond.
You’re right, it’s just that I don’t know for sure that the “house sound” of Dag’s pre is the lively open detailed sound I’m looking for.
have no way to audition 
An Ayre KX-R would be my pick. Even the non-Twenty (which I own) is pretty amazing.
If you do not want the preamp to add anything to the sound try a Benchmark L44 for a 30 day home trial. Not as crazy as it sounds.

If you want a little more body or flavor form the preamp a CODA 07x is also great.

I have both of these preamps and love both.

BTW - I have head the D’Agastino separates about 4 years ago when Dan A. was demoing them to the LA Audio Society in a large room. It sounded great for a $200K+ system. Even in such a system I would try the LA4.
I use a VTL 6.5ii with my Dag momentum stereo amp, love it...also consider ARC 5 SE, love tubes with sis amp