preamp for classe ca-200

Looking for a tube linestage for classe ca-200, NHT 2.9, Rotel 971. Looking at Audio Research LS17, VAC standard, BAT VK-5i. What else? Looking to spend under $2500 used.
I heard the VTL model that sells for $3500 new, with the CA151 and Aerial 6s. It was an amazing combo. To me, it was better than the BAT and AR.
CJ Premier 14 used for around 2K, or PV14LS which is new and won't ship into the marketplace according to CJ until late Oct. or Nov. It is replacing the PV12. If you really want to make out give a listen to the PV10. I recently had one with the CA200 it was very musical, it's a giant killer IMO. I ungraded to the Premier 17 and have it driving a CA200 but it's new and runs around $4500, I haven't seen any on the used market.
Pops, what do use for speakers with that rig? Thanks, Jon
If you want tube pre try the C.J. Premier 3.Best sound in my humble opinion.Solid state I would try KLYNE..
I've got Classe' M-1000 monoblocks into Aerial 10t's Best tube preamp with this combo has been BAT VK50SE. I've tried MANY! Good luck