Preamp for Bryston 4bst


I am building a system and I started off with the Bryston 4bst. I am now looking for a preamp to use with the 4bst. I am looking to spend somewhere in the range of $500-$950 and probably used. I have looked at the Audio Research LS-3, Adcom GFP-750, Bryston BP20, and the Rotel RC 1070. I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks for your help.

The Audio Research LS-3 and Bryston ST series amps have excellent synergy. This I know after running an LS-3 and 4B-ST together for several years, and then moving on to a series of much more expensive components thereafter. In fact, the dealer I bought this combo from spoke at length about their synergy, saying the LS-3 bested Bryston's own preamps with the 4B-ST and the more expensive ARC LS-2.

Provided they are left on 24/7 and used with really good cabling, the LS-3 / 4B-ST can sound incredibly good for the money.
I think that an ARC pre is the way to go.
I'd also vote for the ARC,along with Counterpoint which I had for years with great success,good luck,Bob
Can't comment on the realm of options, but I fed my 4bst with a VTL TL 2.5, then a Rogue 99 Magnum, and am now using a Plinius CD LAD (Mk. II). Works for me.
I have an ARC LS-9 in front of my 4B-ST and I think that they make an excellent combination. I was fortunate to have been able to borrow an Adcom GFP-750, and later to audition a Rotel RC-1090 in my system. Believe it or not, I think that the Rotel was the better of those two overall, although my LS-9 is clearly superior to both the Rotel and Adcom in all respects. I would like to hear a Bryston preamp in my system, but the opportunity has never presented itself.

A remote volume control is mandatory for me. If it is not important to you, then you probably couldn't go wrong with an LS-3.
Hello Ekistler,

I was not aware the LS-3 does not come with a remote control. I saw a used LS-3 for sale at a store locally and it has a remote with the preamp. Could you please verify this based on your comment at the end of your post.

Ghw: I believe that most LS-3 preamps did not have a remote. I read somewhere that it was an expensive option (like $500), so very few were ordered. I have seen one or two of them for sale here, but 90% of the LS-3s that I have seen do not have a remote.

I apologize for confusing you - I should have been more accurate in my original post.
I believe that ARC will still retrofit the LS-3 with remote, but it used to be $600, and it is surely more now.

If you really need a remote, you're not going to get much in the way of sound quality at your budget. Remote volume control compromises the sound of the preamp, and inexpensive preamps with remotes are severely compromised.
Thank you for the insight,

If I go with a used Adcom GSP 750 I believe I can keep it under $950, it comes with a remote, and from the reviews that I have seen it has very good sound quality. Please let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks for your help.


I have an opportunity to purchase a used ARC LS-3 with a remote for $900. I also have an opportunity to purchase a Parasound PL-D 2000 with remote for under $900. Does anyone have an opinion with these two alternatives.

The LS-3 without a remote is a real high-end preamp that is not out of place in a revealing system. It is grain-free, dynamic and transparent, especially through the direct input that bypasses the channel selector and balance control.

The remote volume control will reduce its fidelity. As for how it sounds compared to the Adcom (I used to own a cheap Adcom) and the Parasound, I do not know, but given that most mid-priced solid-state preamps sound mediocre and given how good the LS-3 sounds, my guess is that the LS-3 will sound better in most systems, especially in a system featuring a Bryston amp.