Preamp for Bryston 3BST / Magnepan MG1.6QR

I am interested in people's experience with preamps in a Byston/Magnepan setup. I currently have a Bryston BP20 that results in a very thin and cold midrange. I am looking for something fuller and warmer. I have read good things about the Rogue preamps with Bryston amps, but I'm interested in how the Magnepans stir the mix. Thoughts anyone?
How about a tube preamp? It may be the Bryston Amp? I ran some inexpensive NAD gear with my 1.6's. The NAD 272 had plenty of power and was one of the smoother amps I had in my system. You can get the 272/162 pre for the cost of some preamps.
I am fairly certain it is the preamp. I have run my Denon 4802 receiver as my preamp as a test only to discover it sounded better than my BP20 in this setup. I am definitely interested in tube preamps (Rogue 99, ARC LS15, BAT 3ki) and I am looking for other peoples experience.
You can't go wrong with a Rogue 99M - it worked very well when I had a 4B-SST amp. You can find these in the $1100 range and while there are other choices it would be hard to beat at that price. ARC is also a great match according to many owners but I have not had one personally.
Check out the deHavilland Verve tube preamp. It can be found for less than a grand. This tube pre has amazing, warm detail. I personally use the deHavilland Ultraverve preamplifier with my Bryston 14Bsst with very nice results for my ears.
D morgan,

From your description (" very thin and cold midrange. I am looking for something fuller and warmer") you're the perfect candidate for a tubed preamp. In my experience, that's what tubes do: make most systems warmer and give that subtle midrange bloom. Some of the regular folks around here don't think words like "warm" or "bloom" should apply to good audiophile sound (they prefer accuracy over all else) but there are others who disagree and enjoy these qualities - who knows what accurate is on most recordings anyway?
There are plenty of good tubed preamps out there that don't sacrifice detailed resolution to achieve this (deHavilland, CJ, ARC, Rogue,BAT, Modwright, VTL, Cary, are just a few). I'd see if your local dealers would let you audition some at home or search the archived discussions here - just type in Bryston 3bst.
Your on the right track. You would be surprised at how good the current crop of tube pre sound; especially in comparison to the Bryston pre amps. You will have all the detail or more than the BP-20, plus you will get a 3-D soundstage and "warmth" that the Brystons can only hint at.

The TAD-150 seems like a winner as well as the newest little Rogue (be leary of 66 and 99). The Lector ZOE, athough hard to find is also excellent.
Ratbone, any particular reasons I should stay away from the Rogue 66 and 99? I have read more than one review with systems having Bryston amps and Rogue preamps.

I was looking into a Rogue 66 when I had the BP-25(newer verison and psupply, all balanced IC's) and a 4B-ST. I just did not get the comments I was looking for when asking sellers here (AG) how they liked the 66. At the price, the 99 seems pricey, and the newest Rogue (cool design) seems like the best deal (read the latest review in Absolute Sound). Both that and the TAD-150 seem like a great place to start if the the Lector ZOE is too much $$.

The BP-20/25, although dead quiet, will be easily outclassed sonically in most all departments by most tube pre-amps. Do not fear losing accuracy, detail, or bass by going to a tube'll most likely only gain, the sound will go from flat/sterile 2-D to full/exciting 3-D.

It is not a question of accuracy or warmth. The argument to me is kinda like comparing regular TV to HDTV.....HDTV must not be accurate because there is information present (visual) that cannot be seen on regular TV!!!! I am NOT going back to regular TV (BP-25) after seeing HDTV (Lector ZOE); no matter what the argument.
I had a 3BST, went to the Rogue 66 from the Bryston pre, enjoyed it alot more, found the Bryston pre amp a little dry and bright with the rock & roll that I mostly play. I then went to the Dehavilland Ultraverve, a little more pricy, but, it was a great match with the Bryston 3B ST to my ears. I have since replaced the Bryston for a little more power.....however, I agree with the above comments that a tube pre is defintely the way to go in regards to what you are looking for...
Going tube or hybrid with the Bryston and Maggies is the way to go. Some used ARC pre and play with tube rolling could be quite revealing. Check out the Marsh P2000t, quite a performer for the price.
I am lookong to buy a Bryston BP20. Does anyone know of one for sale?