Preamp for ATC 10-2 active speaker

Please recommend the following preamp suit with ATC 10-2:
Pass Lab X2, ATC CA2, Ayre K3 MK1, JR Synergy.
Sorry I have limited experience with SS preamps since I only use tube gear (usually cheaper and better sounding.) with my ATC SCM10. In either case, I would probably lean towards ATC CA2 or Ayre K3 MKI from your list. Hope this helps.
I just bought the 20-2 actives and a new ATC CA2 preamp. I had auditioned a number of preamps, including Aloia, Kora Eclipse and an Anthem tubed unit, but I did not liek any of them. i just received the CA2 last week and it is a wonderfull combination. The presentation is a bit drier than the tubed preamps but the noisefloor is deadquiet, the dynamics are amazing and it sounds tonally correct.
Hi, pbmpls,
Can you share more experience of your CA2 preamp, does it run with balance output?
My current set up is: Sony CDP-X5000 > PS AUdio Reference Link LS > ATC 10-2.

Happy listening!