preamp for ARC 210 monos

What are people using out there to go with these amps? Anything other than an ARC Ref? Definitely want HT bypass and remote volume. Thx.
VTL 7.5
IMO Ref-3 or 5 is the way to go. Those amps were voiced togeter.
I used a BAT VK-52SE - was a nice match.
You would be foolish not to use a Ref 3 or Ref 5. They have a magic synergy together.
I have used the Ref 3 and now the Ref 5 which are the obvious choices for the voice matching as already said.

Beyond that I used an Ayre phono pre amp wihch I thought mated very well with various ARC pre/amp combos. I bet their preamps would work well with ARC amps. I have also always ben intrigued with VAC and would like to try some of their stuff too.

I am sure there are some more...
Would like to try some of these but in home auditions are tough these days. May just go Ref 5, love the 210s so it's a no brainer probably.

Anyone using SS in front of the 210s?
I run them in a 5.1 home theater system

Amati homage
ARC 210's
Krell S1000
B&w all around
Anthem amp
Shunyata cables

Music, movies sound amazing

The krell sounds very clean and neutral, bluray is incredible.