preamp for aragon 8008st & Vandersteen 2ce sigs?

I looking to purchase a used preamp under $1000.00. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
I own Vandersteens, driving them with a Classe amp, used to own an Aragon 4004.

My suggestion: Go with a tube preamp. I personally like the slightly "warm" sound of Conrad-Johnson. For under 1K, you can get a used PV-10 or PV-12. They are frequently for sale on Audiogon.
any of the ai modulus preamps also a good choice
I agree with the Audible Illusions recommendation. I had a 3D with Aragon 2004 and Vandersteen 2c, then Vandersteen 3. It sounded great - I wish I hadn't sold mine and gone Home Theater.
I agree with the above, go with a tube preamp. I use a SF Line 2 with a solid state amp and the 2Ce's and have gotten great results. A used Line 1 would be around your budget.
i have had a few mid priced pre amps and i struck with the rougue audio 66 its cheep and has a good phono stage if you get good warm old stock tubes tubes are 2 12au7 and 4 6922 in the phono stage im going to move up somtime but ill have to spend alot to get better sound
i have the same set up as you i had a acurus rl 11 hooked up and all i can say is stay away from that way to bright sounding with the vandersteen 2 sig. because off cost i went with a aragon 18 k what a difference i love it now and it was less then 300.00 used just don't cheap out on the cd player lol
I used a BAT VK3i w/my 2cis and a ss amp (DNA 0.5 Rev. B). Liked it a lot. About $1K. More nuetral than the CJs.