PreAmp for anthem P2 -paradigm S8

Hi folks,

I am currenly building my 2 channel system and wondering what preamp folks with anthem P2 and paradigm s8 have had success with. I know the obvious answer is for me to listen or demo and make a decision based on this, but I needed feedback to get me started.

I currenly have the following
amp: Anthem P2
cd: Ayre CD 7e
Speakers: paradigm S8

Other suggestions will also be appreciated.
Usually they match the p5 with a the avm D1 or D2. I presently use the avm 30 with my mca 50 but planning to move up to the p5 shortly as my Totem Winds need more power.
I own the avm40 and I am very please with it. Very nice on vocal, sweet, nice and warm. It actually sounds better than Mark Levinson preamp that I had.
Ive heard the s8 v3 run off musical fidelity and highly enjoyed the system. It was the newest line of entry level amp and pre by mf and sounded great to my ears. Tons of bass that was detailed and easily filled the room with a good sound stage.

I think the model is the pre6 and I forgot the amp name. Anthem would also be a good way to go if you want to keep everything inthe family which can always give good synergy.