Preamp for 3D imagination\transparency\control


I'm having MSB M202, its not quiet suitable for my current CJ ACT2, because of speed & lack of 3D imagination. So I would like to change.

From my experience, I prefer a high speed preamp with good 3D imagination\transparancy, and also with capability of control M202's a little bit "fat" bass quiet well. My budget is within 15k us dollors. Looking forward to see your opinons.

P.S. My speaker is Pawel Electra, which is like a "balanced" Ensemble PA1, my source is Nagra CDC.
Given how unique your gear is, you'll need to confirm any choice with an actual demo, but here's few preamps that may be worth looking at. Ayre K1, ARC Reference, high end Aesthetix, CAT, VTL 7.5 and BAT models that use the 6H30's.