Preamp failure and what else

My CJ premier 14 is causing my Classe amp to go into failure via the protection circuit but only at louder levels but not excessive levels. Now it's doing it at lower and lower levels. I know it's not overdriving the amp because this is a new problem, plus I've got a pv10 backup that's working fine.

I have been tube rolling, maybe I screwed something up switching out tubes. There are 2 transformers with 2 fuses - one for the tube circuit and one for the controls but I think if a fuse is bad nothing works.

While we're at it what else has knocked your system down and sent you into a short term depression? Mine are:

Transport malfunction - 10 weeks at Meridian
MIT Speaker cable malfunction - 6 weeks at MIT
MIT Speaker cable malfunction - different cable - short, was replaced by dealer
Adcom interconnect malfunction- garbage can
Kimber KCTG - one channel cutting out - fixed myself by crimping ground tighter on RCA barrel

Any suggestions on the preamp are appreciated - I'll be calling CJ on Monday.
Sounds like a failing tube to me, although it could be a any other bad component. I had a resistor in a BAT pre go bad recently. Took two weeks total for shipping to BAT, diagnosis, payment and return of pre. That's what I call service, but that's nothing new for BAT owners.
do it right...send it to knut at cj. kurt
An update, apparantly a tube was bad, but I used 2 different sets of NOS - one or some of the tubes must have been bad and one set I had been using for 12 months without problems until recently. Put back in stock tubes and no far.