Preamp/DAC with BM+EQ Lyngdorf DEQX Trinnov etc

I'm seeking some suggestions and experiences with "digital" preamps which offer EQ/room correction.

I would like to add a high quality stereo preamp/DAC to my system which offers bass management and room correction in the digital domain. Basic requirements are:
1. High quality DAC
2. Volume control that does not lose resolution
3. At least 2 coax S/PDIF and 2 analog inputs (AES/EBU would be nice)
4. Bass management with support for 2 stereo subwoofers
5. Some kind of room correction or EQ. Minimum is a 5 band parametric EQ. Auto room correction is OK, but I must be able to control the target curve to ensure I get the results I want.

My current system consists of:
Linn Majik DS. This will be the primary digital source, as I am 100% sold on DLNA based streaming over Ethernet.
APL modified SACD player
Accuphase T-101
Simaudio P-5LE (seeking to replace)
Simaudio W-5LE
Speakers vary. I recently changed from Dynaudio C2 to Focus Audio FS688 + 2 Rythmik F12G subs. I will likely stick with a 2.2 setup and keep the Rythmik subs but may upgrade from the Focus Audios to another small standmount.

It's in a dedicated listening room with extensive built-in room treatments but difficult dimensions (roughly 16x14x8 feet) and some asymmetry (e.g. sliding door on one side).

Currently, the Focus Audio speakers are running full range with the subs filling in. I would like to change that and use digital bass management to high pass the main speakers, preferably with time delay correction for the subs. I've used a Rane PEQ 55 to manually EQ the subs, with very good results, and now I would like to apply EQ to main speakers as well. Because the room is treated, I don't have any major problems with reflections or modes outside of the bass range, but I would like to correct for some minor room-induced asymmetry and midrange coloration.

I'm looking for something whose DAC+analog section is at least on par with what I have now. I've listened to a Linn Akurate DSM and that offers the SQ I'm really hoping for. In fact, if the DSM had bass management I'd own one.

I've done some research and have identified a few candidates that might offer what I'm looking for: Lyngdorf DPA-1, DEQX PreMATE, Trinnov ST2, and Classe CP-800. I would particularly be interested in hearing any experiences you may have with these units, or alternative suggestions.

Thanks for reading
Hello Dave.

Was wondering what did you end up doing, and how did it work out for you?

I'm facing a very similar situation with very similar requirements, although I'm 100% server based and considering a room correction software as an alternative, but then the digital crossover thing is not easy to crack.

I run tubes: McIntosh MC275 amp and Lamm LL2 pre. I'm a bit concerned of loosing transparency when going from the Lamm pre to a Lyngdorf or Trinnov processor.