Preamp/DAC with an analog input

Hi guys. I'm looking to upgrade to a decent DAC to run as my system preamp. Problem is that the unit needs to have balanced outs and at least one analog input to run my phono. Doesn't need to have balanced ins but that would be great as well. If there one that can stream that would be totally bonus!
I've considered the NAD and a few others but I need to be under $2500 USD.
Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome. Thanks guys. 
Thank ahofer, that cambridge looks awfully nice. Seems to fill all the requirements except price, still a little pricey at least up here north of the boarder. Lol. 
Oppo HA-1. has one pair of XLR and one pair of single end RCA input for pre-amp. It is a class-A preamp and earphine amp. mainly it is a DAC based on ESS9018 which is very good DAC for DSD and Hi_res music.
I had the earlier 3.0 version of this Bel Canto DAC in my system on extended demo and it is excellent, especially with the separate VBS power supply. You can read the reviews. I also used it as a preamp and it was indistinguishable from my Bryston BP6 stereo preamp, which I thought was pretty amazing. No streaming, but I think it does everything else you’re looking for.  Original list price of $5440, so at $2300 I think it's a great deal too.  Best of luck.
Audio-GD D-27, fully discrete Class A audio stages, Dual Saber 9038 DACs, has 1 set of RCA inputs and 1 set of XLR inputs.. $1698 USD for fully upgraded version.


Audio-GD R-28, if you want a R-2R resistor ladder DAC instead of a 9038 chip, but essentially the same thing.  $1159 USD for fully upgraded version.

These are top tier DAC/preamps, but you will need an external streamer if you want to stream.