Preamp/DAC Suggestions

I'm currently using a Rogue Sphinx v2 as a preamp with a Mytek Brooklyn amp. Looking for ideas for preamps. I primarily stream Tidal/Qobuz from a BlueSound using a Schiit Multibit DAC but also have my tv plugged into the DAC and use the Rogue for volume control. Speakers are Focal Aria 926s. Looking for something that will give me a really quiet background and more soundstage. Also open to upgrading DAC if that's where I'll get more bang for buck. Budget is under $5000 for DAC and preamp. Other option would be upgrading the integrated and selling Rogue and Mytek, but I like being able to switch around pieces to play with the sound. I'm open to tubes or solid state but really like a totally dark background. 


@grateful_dad The T+A DAC 200 that @gasnsteering mentions is exceptional for its price as a DAC preamp combo. In full disclosure, I am an authorized T+A dealer as of April, but I have compared this unit amongst many others even prior to becoming a dealer. In my opinion it is very difficult to beat for any DAC $10K and under, and I highly preferred it over the acclaimed Mola Mola Tambaqui (which is also excellent, but completely different sonically). I have gone into this on other threads if you search this forum for T+A DAC 200.

Definitely consider any DACs you want, but should you consider the DAC 200, just keep in mind that I consider trades at times, and for any items I accept, I’ll offer a generous trade in value towards new equipment. If you have any questions, I’ll also be honest about it’s strengths and weaknesses at its price point.

Holo May DAC L2.

Check out reviews from Golden Sound and others.

One of the most highly praised DAC's in the last few years.

I don't own and have not heard this DAC but when you research, it is clear this is the one to buy!

Good luck.

sorry, just noting that the May L2 does not have a pre amp however, the Holo Spring 3 DAC does have pre amp and is close to the May L2 in terms of SQ. 

it's also a bit cheaper! 

I use a LinnenberG Satie DAC / Pre-amp going directly into my power amplifiers and I am very happy with the performance.

You didn't mention a price range.  I use my Chord Dave DAC is a preamp/volume control. Excellent results. 

I think a lot of your responses are from the most-recommended-components-on-the-internet list.  I own and use the Dave every day.