Preamp DAC option.

I'm busy researching for a new preamp and came across the the Bryston BP series. They offer DAC as an add on option. Is this really worth while?
Everything depends on how it sounds with the other coponents in your system including cables. It will help everyone here if you list everything else.
The Bryston tends to be dry sounding so it is a good match with a system that is dull or closed in sounding but if your system is already detailed with fast tight bass you might want to try a few different pre-amps.
My system consists of Adcom GCD600, Pioneer DV578AS, Adcom GTP400, Bryston 3BST, Mirage M7si. I'm looking into both the BP6 and Conrad Johnson PV14LS2.
My understanding is that the DAC option on the BP6 would allow my preamp to do the conversion rather than my GCD600 or Pioneer.
Hello again. You do not want to do the Bryston with that system. Everything you have put together has a metalic glare in the top end that causes everything to have way to much sparkle. You need to find a tube pre-amp and don't worry about the D/A right now. The D/A will make a much smaller difference in your system than getting a very smooth pre-amp. Try to find a used Musical Design, VTL, Quick Silver, TerraSong, or Encore.
Hello Duane. I'm also looking in tube pre-amps. How does the Conrad Johnson 14LS2 compare to the units you listed above?
Hello again. The CJ is not bad at all but tends to have a sound all it's own that can be overly intusive once you get tired of it. I will say that Bill Conrad is a very honest buisness man and you will find long term service if you buy it. The others I mentioned I would give the edge to when it comes to being way better than the price tag suggests. The 2 that really stand out for that are the Musical Design and the Encore. The Encore is the best of the 2 but sells used for twice the price.
CTL 2.5 is an excellent value and a good performer for a tubed preamp at under 1000 used. The much more expensive 5.5, a true dual monaural which uses relays (as oppposed to mechanical switching) for switching is a clearly better preamp but usually goes for 1800, or more, used as a linestage.

VTL has great support.
Hello again. I agree the VTL is great and the 2.5 is amazing at the price and the fact that it has remote volume. VTL service is awsome. Luke is much better than is dad.
I'm auditioning the the CJ 14LS and VTL 2.5 in my home this weekend. So far, I'm leaning towards the VTL, much more transparent that the CJ. I prefer the CJ's vocals but am less partial to it coloration in the highs and lows. And also, this might sound a bit strange, but I dont like the look of the CJ...doesnt hamonize well with the rest of my system.

Another important consideration is the lower price of the VTL. This way I can free up some cash to upgrade some of my cabling.