Preamp combination question

I have a Michell Gyro SE tt with clearaudio virtuoso MM cartridge, Graham Slee Era Gold V phono pre, Aesthetix Calypso line stage. I would like to try some MC cartridges so I need additional preamplification. The options are (1)add a stepup transformer, budget about $300 used,(2) replace Graham Slee with a phono preamp that can accomodate both MM and MC cartridges budget about $1,200 used or (3)replace all with a full function preamp with internal MM and MC phono capability budget about $3800 used. I would appreciate your opinions on the best combination of components and what make and model you recommend.
If you like the Aesthetix, y9u might consider trading it in on a Janus. Or if you can stretch a bit, go for a Rhea? With the right tubes, the Rhea is very synergistic with the Calypso.
Try a Krell KSL or Klyne 6LE3.5/P either will accommadate your mm/mc needs..Drop a Line if this is appealing
If you're going for a very low output MC cartridge, I'd go with a solid-state phono preamp since you already have a good tube linestage. If your budget is $1200 I'd probably go for a Whest Two, PS GCPH (maybe a Cullen-modded unit), or a Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena battery-powered phono stage.

I have two systems and in one I'm using the Michell TecnoDec with a ClearAudio Virtuoso Wood and the Nova Phonomena phono stage. It's sound is quite impressive. You may gain a little more refinement and fine detail by going to a lower-output MC for many more dollars.

I had a Benz Ref 3 Copper S-class cartridge before the ClearAudio and I can say that the ClearAudio has noticeably more slam. Perhaps the Nova Phonomena couldn't get the most out of it. The PS Audio GCPH did better with the Benz, but on balance, I'd still probably take the Nova Phonomena/Virtuoso combo... although it would be a close call and I didn't get to A/B the two combinations in the same time frame. Happy Listening!