Preamp choices; 20 ohm output impedance or less

Hey there folks,

I'm currently using an SS amp w/ 20k input @ 150wpc damping factor around 100

I have been very disappointed with overall dynamic accuracy (spacial not just aplomb) of preamp choices common in the 100 -300k output impedance compared to the few preamps I've tried but not owned that were extremely low...say 10 ohms or less.

Without getting into the details of which Big name preamps I've tried that sounded very good but falling short when paired with my amp in the critical area of dynamics, convincing speed/decay/controlled bottom extension etc. Since in absolute terms the higher the output impedance of a preamp a measurable drop in the damping factor of the amp being driven is observed... so I've read and so listening seems to have confirmed.

I have tried a SS Karan preamp (output impedance @ 8 ohms)from Europe that was a bit above my price point but the clarity and effortless dynamics and palpable realism with an ease was a turning point for me. Another preamp, the $5k top Quicksilver @ 1 ohm output impedance created the similar effect. So now I'm very interested to discover what some of the other ultra low output impedance preamp's are, preferably Solid State. Thanks much..
My apologies for not properly editing the post explanation.

"100-300k" should obviously have been 100-300ohm output impedance...which is typical for most tube based preamp designs meant to drive tube amplifiers w/an input impedance of 100k or above.

Thanks for any helpful preamp suggestions.