Preamp choice with McIntosh MC-225

I have a real nice MC-225 and want a preamp that will bring out the best quality sonics this amp deserves.
It would have to be a tube preamp and in the 1 to 2k range.Ilike the EAR 834 and Herron 1st series of preamps they made.
These are the quality I'm looking for and there are a lot of preamps on the market and I would like to hear from you all on a few other choices.
My self ,i have a pair of mc-225 run as mono (weekend)and mc-2100 for pre-amp is Cary SLP-98....very nice .musical and huge sound stage.First i likeD the mc-220 or mc-2200 with out auditioning it but settled for slp-98...less than $2,000.
PS Audio GCP 200/GCPS