Preamp Choice oppurtunity

Sound wise only, would you take a VTL 7.5 MkII or wait for a Conrad Act 2 Series 2 at equal price ?

Would like to hear comments from those of you who add the chance to compare them side by side...

Any comment welcome.

Thank again

I meant : Would you buy a VTL 7.5 MkII or a Conrad Act 2 series 2? (if both at the same price).....

Thank again
Really depends on the rest of your system... They are both good...
I'd choose the VTL.

I have spent much time w/ the CJ Act2 S2- it is an outstanding preamp w/ both tubes & ss.

The VTL is on my short-list as soon as I visit a dealer/retailer that stocks this preamp. What other gear, including cables/cords, is in your system?
Jfrech & Jafant

First, than for your response...

MY system consist of

Mac mini with Audirvana
Present preamp is a Conrad Premier 14
Dac is AMR DP777
Amps monoblock Krell KRS-100

Wireworld Platinum USB
Nirvana SX Limited interconnect
MIT 330 Interconnect
MIT 770 speaker

1 Shunyata copper head power cable
1 Wireworld Silver power cable
1 Van den hul Mainstream power cable
2 Cardas Golden reference power cable

Thank again
Hi everyone....

I know it's been a to long time...

In the end, couldn't find a CJ act2 series 2 nor a vtl 7.5MkII at a decent price here in Canada, but did find a very nice mint Moon P-8, (a bit more expensive, but no money exchange and no custom fee/taxes to pay, I was even able to drive to the seller 350 milles...) and did compare it to a vtl 6.5 that I borrow from a friend. It is supposed that the vtl 6.5 is about 85% of the 7.5 from some the posting I have found over the internet. After comparing the two preamp for 4 hours (they trade place at least four time and with did try them with 2 different pair of speaker, and also 2 different dac.  At the end of the day I returned home with both preamp : bought the Moon and never looked back again for something else...

Best unit I ever bought....Just WoW... all the time...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RRRReeeeeggggggrrrreeeeettttt