Preamp choice for a Dynaco ST-35 amp

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and just getting into hifi gear. I have Dynaco ST-35 amp freshly restored by Blackie Pagano in NYC, and I am wondering what preamp to pair it with.

I am considering the Dynaco PAS 3X tube preamp (around $500), but also am tempted by a Mcintosh C32 solid state preamp going for around $1000. Generally I'm wondering if anyone has experience with using tube / ss preamps in combo with a tube power amp and any thoughts about these specific preamps or others...

Also, I plan on using the setup with my turntable and some sort of aux input for an iPhone / Mac... Do I also need some sort of a DAC for the aux stuff? I am new to all this TBH.

Any advice would be much appreciated... Thanks!
Things designed by the same design team always seems to work better together than with "strangers".
I built my PAS 3X and am pretty sure it had a phono section...(this was many years ago and I might have misremembered)
You best off stickin’ with a tube preamp. There is a nice Conrad-Johnson PV-12A listed here for $995. It has a phono section included!
best sound quality for your computer files will be with a separate DAC, some are built into modern pre-amps

a good SS pre-amp will be just fine (I say that as a guy with 2 tube pre-amps)

you could use the DACs built into your iphone or mac at least for a while

you say 500/1,000 but what is your total budget?

speakers are the most critical thing to spend $$ on...
Thanks a bunch for all the advice!

@randy-11 My total budget prob tops out around $1000 for the preamp...

Also, I don't have the speakers yet, but am planning on picking up some klipsch heresy's when I find the right used pair.
The Dyna is a good choice.  But make sure the preamp is fully warmed-up, a full minute or more, BEFORE you power up the amp.  And make sure you power down the amp and wait 30 seconds or so BEFORE you power down the preamp.  The PAS 3X can shoot some stupid voltages downstream during the power up / power down process. 

The PAS 3X has a rather decent phono stage.  It can be further improved with a swap out of higher quality caps and resistors. 

The PAS 3X / ST 35 combo can be nicely musically satisfying. 
ok, if you are set on those speakers

2nd big sound quality issue would be room treatments

if you still have $1k left after that, I'd buy pre-amps either from a dealer who will let you try it in your home, or from mail order with a return privilege.

Emotiva has adherents but there are a lot of reports of quality control problems

Well regarded names include nad, Rotel, and Parasound - the latter may be just a tad over $1k but many would say it is well worth it.

be sure the pre-amp has the control functionality to fit your needs - many lack that these days

whatever you do, do NOT waste $$ on expensive interconnects, but it is often wise to run balanced cables and use balanced components
If you get a Dynaco PAS, contact Frank Van Alstine to see if he still offers his great mod for it.
I have used both tube and solid state preamps with my Dynakitparts Stereo 35.  They should all work fine.  The only consideration is sonic synergy.  Decide if you like it warmer or brighter and then choose accordingly (including which tubes to use).
Original Dynaco PAS in proper working order is a very enjoyable preamp - very sweet. But, due to age, it may need some parts refreshed - not a circuit change.
Just an update to all - I did end up going with the Dynaco PAS 3X awhile back. Very happy I did! It's versatile, warm, and fits my needs perfectly. I was lucky to find one in great condition on ebay. I ended up getting some Klipsch Fortés to pair it with as well, which gives the perfect amount of dynamics that I was looking for.