Preamp choice: CJ vs CAT vs First Sound vs ...

I'm looking at moving on from my beloved Audible Illusions M3A. Would you please post your experiences listening to or comparing the following preamps:

- Conrad Johnson LS 17, 16, 16 mkII
- CAT Ultimate, CAT Sig III
- First Sound
- others of distinction (Joule?...)

Please note what power cord you used. I've found that power cords have a night & day effect on preamps in particular.

I've had the First Sound on long term loan in my home and consider it FANTASTIC, expecially with the new Shunyata Taipan powercord. It's a bit softer and warmer with the Black Mamba. (on the first point all present agreed; on the second there was some dissention)

I have a preamp CJ 17LS. Particularly its sound terrific, very detail in midrange, warm, sweet and dynamic (because it is a high performance preamp). This preamp sounds almost like CJ 16LS. To me 17LS not only sounds wonderful but its look also beautiful and cheaper. I used a custom made power cord and a power conditioner. Therefore, I love very much their combination with a solid state SimAudio W5 amp.
Associated equipment?
Oops, sorry, forgot to mention the associated gear in my request. I have Conrad Johnson Premier 12's, Cary CD303/100 cdp, Sonic Frontiers Phono One phono stage, Basis 2001 / modified Rega RB300 / Van Den Hull Frog. Speakers are Spendor FL-9's but I tend to rotate speakers through my house very year or so. Spendor, Proac and Thiel, although less so the latter recently.
I've owned the CAT MK III and tried several CJ's, owned ARC LS-25, VAC STD LE, the best by far is the Hovland HP-100, used with a PS Audio AC Lab cable, feeding a Mark Levinson 336, into Dynaudio Confidence 5. The Levinson is now gone, being replaced with a VTL MB-450.