Preamp: Cary versus BAT

Can someone tell me how Cary preamps sound versus BAT? I do have a VK-200 which I like very much but not sure if a BAT preamp is the best match. By that I mean some people think BAT preamps are a little on the darker side or too warm. I have in mind from Cary, the SLP2002 or 308 and the BAT, the VK3i or 5i. I like a neutral or slightly to the warm side of neutral sound with nice detail and dynamics. Low level detail is a must.

BAT VK200 amp
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The VK3i is the ideal match for the 200. Changing out the tubes will alter the sonic characteristics. I used this combo for about five years, mated to highly articulate Meridian cdps. Low level detail retrieval was one of the combo's strengths. You can find the 3i for about $1K.
Cary is slightly warmer and darker than the comparable Bat. Bat has more detail.
Samzx12, I'd have to say the opposite with the Cary pre's being the warmer ones. Out of the BAT line up, the VK 3i is warmer than their other offerings and I agree with Islandear, it mates well with the VK-200. If it matters to you, one word of caution about the SLP2002, the headphone section leaves a lot to be desired.
How does the VK5i compare to the VK3i? Does it have a more neutral presentation?
Yes, the 5i is more neutral. I agree that the BATs will give more detail than the slp2002. If low level detail is a must, then of those you mention, the 5i is a winner. FWIW, I've owned both the 5i and the 2002. IMHO, the 5i is better all around with the 2002 being overly warm and lacking resolution. Others here have call the 2002 "under-rated". YMMV. Cheers,
I have A/B'd the Cary SLP 2002 to other premaps and the 2002 does it for me.

That doesn't mean it will do it for you but I can relate the strengths.

It is a much more neutral preamp than most I've heard (non 6H30). Very appealing for me. Lot's of detail and great presentation. Look up my other posts for more info.

I'd assume the BAT VK-5i would be similar because it is based on the same tube (6922), but I haven't heard it like the previous poster. So I defer. The VK-5i was on my list and should be a great preamp like the 2002. I will say the 2002 can be considered a little light on the bass, but I still need to tube roll some more. Even with this, the 2002 for my description of the sound is very very good.

I think the SLP98 is superior to the 2002 (or the ugly black box that several of my friends called it). I actually sold the 2002 and rebought the 98. Bad "upgrade"
Keithr, what do you mean with the 98 was a bad upgrade?
the 2002 was supposed to be a better unit, so i upgraded---bad choice
What about the SLP-308? Anyone?