Preamp caps Jupiter copper foil or Jupiter HT worth double the money?

If anyone has any experience with these two caps can you help me out. I'm trying to keep budget down, this is for second system. This will be going in a Bruce Moore preamp, to me this amp sounds warm, fast with big stage but needs to be more refined in the highs. Will the Jupiter HT come even close to the copper foil. Jupiters will replace Solens and a Infinity bypass cap installed as part of upgrade package back in the day. The majority of the caps in there are Rel caps. Someone convince me to buy the cheaper if not I would like to know , thanks for any help.

IMO the V-Caps sound better to my ears.  I know there are many people who have used the Jupiter caps though.  V-Cap just came out with a new cap that sounds excellent plus if you want to spend more of your hare earned money, they have copper caps also.  You can see them i the  components that I build in my system pics.
I prefer the copper sounding caps BTW.
Happy Listening.
I prefer the Jupiter copper over the Vcap copper in electronics, I find the Vcap too detailed and lacking body or meat on the bones  of the Jupiter copper foil. 

In terns of your question the answer is easy.  The HT will give you more of what you already have. The Jupiter copper foil will give you exactly what you want and are looking for.  No doubt about it. Bypass it with a Duelund .01uf tinned copper foil cap and you are in sonic heaven.  The two are so special together. Magic really. 
 You've received opposing opinions from two very experienced and respected Audiogon contributors.  As I'm sure you know,  this simply reflects the subjective nature of the High End audio listening experience.  

I'll add my 2 cents worth and say that the Jupiter copper foil capacitors will sound what I'd describe as more natural/organic. Subjectivity lives 😀.
Can some one please send me a pair of 10uF caps to test ??? :D :D :D
Natural and real is what I'm looking for ,not looking for detail or hifi. I knew going into this copper foil was the way to go. Was hoping HT was close in sonics. I'm going to play it safe and go with Jupiter copper foil. I did look at Audyn copper max at 2/3 cost of Jupiter but will just stick with Jupiter. If anyone has a 2.2uf  600v they want to let go of let me know, sure is cheaper buying new caps than a new preamp, at least that's what I tell myself.

I saw some 2.2 uf Jupiter copper foils on Audio Mart I think.   Chris of Jupiter Condenser made these flat stacked style as a special order.  It is more time consuming and expensive to make these caps flat stacked and not the typical round shape. 

The Vcaps are great sounding caps for sure and just have a different sonic signature than the Jupiter copper foils.  
Here is the link for the Jupiter caps for sale. Jupiter used to sell the HT caps in the flat stacked variety and I always purchased those over the round HT ones as they sounded a tad better. They stopped making them because they required more labor time and expense. These flat stacked copper ones will be very, very good sounding.

Confirm with the seller that these are rated for 600v. I did not see the voltage rating on the cap labels. Chris at Jupiter Condenser can also confirm. I would also ask if these are a matched set within 1%. The seller can take out his multimeter and confirm this for you. The seller is asking $250 for the flat stacked pair. Perhaps you can do a little better as Sonic Craft is selling the round Jupiter copper 2.2uf/600v for $146 each on sale. Sonic Craft will match the two caps within a 1% tolerance which is recommended.

Lastly, if you are able to buy those flat stacked coppers at a great price, then you should consider adding the Duelund tinned copper .01uf bypass caps in parallel. The combo is just beautiful sounding. You will hear improved realism, midrange bloom, larger stage, inner beauty and intimacy.  Parts Connextion has them on sale for $65 each. Great price while they last! 

If you need any any help with the upgrade please free to contact me. 

Thank you grannyring, I did check on those couple days ago the ones listed are listed they are 100v. Parts connextion is out of copper foil. I'm going to check with Sonicraft see if they have any in stock. Thanks for everyone's help. 

Jeff at Sonic Craft is great and he will have them in stock.....on sale! 
I like the MIT Multicap RTX, which are styrene and tin foil. They sound very neutral to me - better than various teflons which I tried - and half the money.

Good luck.
Only Jupiter caps I have left are the beeswax  1.0 uf 600VDC (2 pairs).  One pair is much larger than the other. Go figure!
Many years ago, I had Multicap RTX in my 300B SET amp. Then I changed them to Audio Note Tin foil. Despite RTX weren't bad, AN where more natural, detailed and smooth.
Recently, I changed AN Mylar Copper to Jupiter Copper in my phono stage. The difference was significant. Jupiter Copper has more transparent and even sound.

IMHO phono stage or pre-amp output capacitor is a bottle neck of audio system. Especially if pre-amp doesn't have a global feedback. So, buy the best capacitor that you can afford for this system. This upgrade is always win-win.
I agree with bottle necking. I found that out with cap upgrade in speakers. This is new to me changing caps but the results were pretty big in my system. I put CRM, Alumens and path resistors, they replaced Auricaps and was shocked how quiet and refined speakers became. That is why I'm doing Preamp which I've never done. I think Juniper copper may be best bet for me. Partsconnextion is out of copper value I need. Talked to Jeff at sonicraft if I heard him right he's fading out Jupiter and does not have my value. He is selling the Miflex and seems to really like them. I don't know much about Miflex but I never heard any of these copper caps including the Jupiter, buying blind.  If I have to throw a dart at the board Im going for Jupiter copper, but all these copper caps have to good right? They must be better than what's in my amp now, Infinity, Rel and Solens. Changing caps in speakers changed character of the speaker for the good, I was good with that but I don't want to change character of my preamp. I like how it sounds just want it more refined, the amp pulls all the detail I need. Anyone compared Audyn and Miflex to Jupiter copper I'm just curious what you heard. Jupiter is only $100 more and sounds like most people like it.
Miflex is better than what you have by a good margin as are All copper foil caps.  You are right. If Jeff says the Milflex are great, then they are great.  He knows his stuff and can be trusted 100%.  Humble Capacitor Review says they sound more forward than the Jupiter and the Jupiter sounds more rich. I would buy the Milflex and parallel with the Duelund .01 tinned copper bypass caps.   For the money, you won’t do better! 
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Hello @grannyring ,

The Jupiter flat stacked copper foil caps that I've had for sale are quite rare and I really don't want to sell them. I haven't had the need for 2.2uf caps for a while now and they've just been sitting on a shelf. I want someone else to enjoy them. If anyone is interested, please send me a message and an offer. Someone actually called me to inquire about them and left a message. I completely forgot to return the call. I apologize if it was any of you in this thread. Let me know if you still want to talk. 

@paulcreed ,

I have experience with Audyn True Copper, Miflex, Jupiter copper foil caps. However, I have not conducted an A/B or similar comparison. All three brands are excellent. Copper foil provides a sense of tonal richness and detail that is captivating. I newfound experience with the Miflex copper foil cap as a bypass to a 30uf M-Tube cap. The Miflex is simply amazing. It provides rich tone and made the images very 3-dimensional. Grannyring gave you the perfect recipe. In fact, any of those three brands mixed with a Duelund bypass will be an awesome combination. 
The Jupiter copper foil has been in Preamp for a week or so it sounds very nice even with a way to go before break in. Same time I put some Miflex bypass in a pair of monitors and floorstander and was very impressed at such a small investment catching them on sale.  I like what these copper caps do. There also very quiet and make cymbals sound nice. Wondering what they will sound like fully broken in.