Preamp: AVA T8, Quicksilver, Mapletree 2A SE?

Anyone heard any two, or all three, of these to compare? (The AVA T8 is Van Alstine's Transcendence 8 all-tube pre.) $1100 is my top range. Amp: AVA Fet Valve Ultra 550 - sensitivity 2v or slightly more, input impedance 1M ohms. Spkrs: EgglestonWorks Fontaines - 87dB, 8 ohms (down to 6.5 ohms). Need 3 inputs (unbalanced), 2 outputs (unbalanced), no phono. Please explain your choice. Thank you.
I also have the AVA Ultra 550 amp. Mine is paired with an AVA Ultra SL hybrid preamp, which costs only a little more than the T8. I am very satisfied with this combo. I would assume that the T8 would also be a great match with the Ultra 550. Hope this helps...
Rockin', Do you at all find the sound somewhat tipped towards the high freqs?
Rockin', apologies in advance if I've asked you this in a different thread, but by any chance did you own the EXR before upgrading to the Ultra? I have the 550EXR and would love to hear from an owner about how the Ultra sounds in comparison.
I ended up ordering a Mapletree Audio Linestage 2A SE (with PS 2 power supply). Hope its a keeper.
I have never owned a Van Alstine amp before the Ultra 550. To me, it sounds very neutral without an upper frequency bias. In fact, it is the most liquid, non-fatiguing amp I have ever owned. The low frequencies are both tight and extended. And the abundance of power is amazing! Hope this helps...