Preamp and Power amp matching (Arcam, Creek ...)

Hi all,
(sorry for the long post, your help is truly appreciated)

A short intro for context:
I've been reading this forum (and others) for awhile, trying to decide on components for a stereo system for a small office setup. Auditioning in shops was difficult for me because of lack of time (newborn baby here), so I decided to order a few pieces from a popular auction site and try to decide at home... resell whatever I don't intend on keeping.
Honestly this is totally different from the way I usually do things (only buy when I'm absolutely sure I know what I want), so I be wasting some money here.

So I bought a Creek 4330, HRT MS II+, Epos K5 speakers (new) and older System Audio SA-705. (I'm using Atlas Element interconnect and speaker cable).
The Epos was a clear winner to me with the Creek, perhaps because of the brand matching. SA sounded crisper but lacked bass, just not as enjoyable.
A bit hesitant to resell them immediately (they used to retail for 700-1000 USD and feel really solidly built) I bought a used Arcam A65, and for some more power an Arcam P35.

My plan was to give the SA another chance with the A65+P35. (A65 as pre, not biwiring or biamping)
Afterwards, toy with the option of 4330 + P35.
I have yet to receive the Arcam pieces, but here comes my realization that these may not be the best suited together.

The P35 specs are:
Nominal sensitivity 800mV
Input impedance 22kΩ
Gain 31dB

The Arcam A32 (which was the int. that retailed with the P35) had these preamp out specs:
Nominal output level 700mV
Maximum output level 8V RMS 
Output impedance <50Ω

against the A65 preamp out specs:
Nominal output level 510mV 
Maximum output level 8V 
Output impedance <3Ω

Any help in understanding what the difference in output level means in regards to using the A65 as a preamp.

Thanks in advance !
(posted this in AK forum as well)