Preamp and power amp 2ch for my legacy focus se speakers?

Hi i am alfredo i need recomendation  to match for my legacy focus se speakers  a good preamp and power amp for 2 ch ,  I considered the ps audio bhk preamp with ps audio bhk 250 amp , or the anthem str preamp with the anthem str power amp , or the McIntosh c2700 preamp with the McIntosh mc462 amp , any recomendation or comparation in sound of thes 3 brand , let me now alfredo thanks :)
I believe that many Legacy amps have been built by Coda. While I have had a number of excellent tube and solid state amps including recent ARC, Krell, Levinson, Pass and some Rowland amps in the past, I am currently using a Coda 15.5 which I prefer.  While I have not heard Coda amps with Legacy speakers, you may wish to consider a Coda amp, particularly their latest offerings.  Best of luck in your quest.
McIntosh and Legacy really play well together. After many different systems and music tastes like you I wound up with Mac and Legacy and an excellent combo. If you are close to NY state Audio Classics is one of the largest Mac dealers and was also named Legacy dealer of the year. Once Covid-19 is over they are a great place to demo this gear. If not you can still call them as the owner is manning the phones during this time
Thanks trknomo , you hear legacy with McIntosh sound? I think to ps audio  too because I have the directstream  dac and sound great ,, but McIntosh is a option too for me :) i like McIntosh sound and look